Conference program


10:00-12:00*AIB-CEE Executive Board Meeting (only invited participants)

Welcome and opening speeches

Maria-Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Vice President for Administration, representative of AIB Board
Aleksy Pocztowski, Vice Rector for Research
Wojciech Giza, Associate Dean for Research
Łukasz Puślecki, Chair of AIB-CEE Chapter
Krzysztof Wach, Conference Programme Chair


Inside our AIB Community

-welcoming new members of the AIB
-info on recent election and the AIB Executive Board
-info on the annual meetings 2018 and 2019
-info on journals published by AIB
-info on AIB Fellows
-info on chapters

Session Co-Chairs:
Łukasz Puślecki
Krzysztof Wach

Maria-Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez – Chair of AIB-LAT
William Newburry – previous Chair of AIB-LAT
John M. Mezias – AIB Insights
Immanuel Azaad Moonesar – Chair of AIB-MENA


Keynote speech

Joe F. Hair Jr., University of South Alabama, USA
“Reflections on Social Sciences Research: Past – Present – Future”

15:30-16:00Afternoon Snack & Networking (Sandwiches & Tea)

Methodology Session 1: How to craft articles for top journals?

Session Co-Chairs:
– Łukasz Puślecki
– Piotr Trąpczyński

1) How to write a good article and successfully submit it to highly ranked journals?
2) How to prepare a review for highly ranked journals?
3) How to reply to reviewers and editors?
3) How to follow good practices in publishing and why it is important for editors and publishers?

John M. Mezias “AIB Insights”
Ilan Alon “European Journal of International Management” (SSCI – Impact Factor)
Thomas Steger ““Journal of East European Management Studies” (SSCI – Impact Factor)
Desislava Dikova “Journal of East-West Business” (ESCI, SCOPUS)
Krzysztof Wach “Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review” (ESCI, SCOPUS)
Craig C. Julian “Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development” (ESCI)

17:30–17:45Coffee Break & Networking

Plenary panel: International Entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe: Present Conditions and Prospects of Future Development

Session Chair:
Marin A. Marinov

– László Szerb
– Marina Dabić
– Svetla Marinova
– Balázs Páger
– Arnold Schuh

19:00–19:30Technical break – walking tour to the restaurant on the Main Market Square
*The university bus can take 40 attendees, but prior registration at the reception is required.

Gala Dinner: Welcome Reception on the Main Market Square

(Formal dressing or Semi-Formal dressing)
Hawełka Restaurant, established in 1876
Venue: Main Market Square 34 – Rynek Główny 34,

21:30–*Optional Karaoke Evening in the Old Town (You will pay for yourself in the club)
(Optional Informal Integrating Event in the City)
Please contact Adam at in order to get more information


Late registration



*Optional (only for these who are interested in crosscountry collaboration)

Researchers’ Networking Session

Networking Meeting for Cross-Country Collaboration
Session Chair: Mirek Jarosiński
– please send your proposals directly to:


Session for Women in AIB

Roundtable Discussion sponsored by WAIB
Session Chair:
Rosalina Torres
– to join and/or get more information on WAIB contact directly at


Parallel Sessions 1-4

Session #1

Session #2

Session #3

Session #4


Coffee Break & Networking 


Plenary session with invited speakers

Session Chair:
Arnold Schuh  

Invited speakers:

-William Newburry, Florida International University, USA
“Negotiating Formal Business Contracts: A Cross-Level Cross-Society Examination”

-Marco Cucculelli, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy
”Stages of market development and the internationalisation strategy of Family Firms”

-Thomas Steger, University of Regensburg, Germany
“Managers and managerial behaviour in Central and Eastern Europe – Evidence from 25 years of management research”

-James Nebus, Suffolk University Boston, USA
“The New Tax Laws: How Effective will they be against Tax Havens?”


Lunch Break


Parallel Sessions 5-8

Session #5

Session #6

Session #7

Session #8


Coffee Break & Networking


Parallel Sessions 9-12

Session #9

Session #10

Session #11

Session #12


*Bowling Afternoon in the City (You will pay for yourself in the club)
(Optional Informal Integrating Event in the City)

Please contact Adam Michalik at in order to get more information

We meet at 17:45 at the campus, we have bowling lines reserved for 1h from 18:15 till 19:15, and afterward we will go directly to the evening dinner – the regional feast.  


Regional Feast in a Galician Restaurant  (Casual dressing) 

Pod Wawelem Restaurant established in 1856
Venue: ul. Św. Gertrudy 26-29,

9:00-12:00Methodology Session 2: WORKSHOP ON PLS-SEM
Keynote instructor: Joe F. Hair Jr., University of South Alabama, USA
This session is co-financed by Academy of International Business


Participants must bring a laptop with the SmartPLS 3 Professional version of the software already installed. The software is available from – a two month free license will be issued to all participants.  Participants need to install the software several days prior to the workshop as it needs to be activated by the SmartPLS administrator.  A mouse is recommended.


The workshop builds on the contents and data from the PLS-SEM book by Joe F. Hair, G. Tomas M. Hult, Christian M. Ringle and Marko Sarstedt (Sage, 2nd Edition, 2017). You are encouraged to purchase and bring the book with you to the workshop (available for about $30 on Amazon). Most of the workshop will involve “hands-on” analysis of data using the SmartPLS 3 software. The SmartPLS 3 software output diagnostics and interpretation of the results will be covered. Potential obstacles and “rules-of-thumb” to ensure appropriate application of the techniques will be covered.

12:00–13:00Lunch break

AIB-CEE Chapter Development Session  

Session Chair: Łukasz Puślecki

Panellists: members of the AIB-CEE Chapter Executive Board  

  • info on the developments and achievements of AIB-CEE Chapter 2013-2018 (5 years)
  • info on plans and future challenges for AIB-CEE Chapter
  • info on the forthcoming election of a new Executive Board
  • 6th AIB-CEE Chapter Annual Conference – Kaunas 2019

Presenter: Jurgita Sekliuckiene (Vice Chair of AIB-CEE Chapter for Program 2019)

– Call for Proposals for forthcoming annual conferences (Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Estonia)


Conference Conclusions and Award Ceremony

Session Co-Chairs:
Krzysztof Wach, Programme Chair
Łukasz Puślecki, AIB-CEE Chapter Chair


Birthday Cake for 5th Anniversary of AIB-CEE Chapter Farewell Reception: LightRefreshments, Cake & Coffee


* Optional Guided Tour of Kraków (walking tour, free of charge, prior registration is required)
MEETING POINT: front of the main entrance to the Main Building


 * Optional Clubbing Night in the Jewish District Kazimierz (You will pay for yourself in the club)

(Optional Informal Integrating Events in the City)
Please contact Adam Michalik at in order to get more information.

You can download final program here (available soon).