Past events

Chapter Annual Conferences:

2020 Zagreb, Croatia

7th AIB-CEE Chapter Annual Conference
September 2020
University of Zagreb
Conference chair: Blazenka Knezevic

2019 Kaunas, Lithuania

6th AIB-CEE Chapter Annual Conference
“International Business in the Dynamic Environment: the Role of Digitalization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”
25-27 September 2019
Kaunas University of Technology
Conference chair: Jurgita Sekliuckiene

2018 Kraków, Poland
5th AIB-CEE Chapter Annual Conference on
“International entrepreneurship as the bridge between international economics and international business”
12-14 September 2018
Cracow University of Economics
Keynote speakers and special guests: Joseph F. Hair Jr, Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez (AIB Board Representative), William Newburry, John M. Mazias, Marco Cucculelli, Desislava Dikova, Ilan Alan, Craig C. Julian, James Nebus, Arnold Schuh,
Conference chair: Krzysztof Wach

2017 Ljubljana, Slovenia
4th AIB-CEE Chapter Annual Conference on
„Changing Global Landscape and Regional Cooperation: From Regional Value Chains to China’s ‚One Belt, One Road’ Initiative and Beyond”
26-28 September 2017
University of Ljubljana
Keynote speakers and special guests: Klaus Meyer (AIB Board Representative, AIB Fellow), Patricia McDougall-Covin (AIB Fellow), Howard A. Davies, Marjan Svetličič, Desislava Dikova
Conference co-chairs: Matevž Rašković and Andreja Jaklič

2016 Prague, Czech Republic
3rd AIB-CEE Chapter Annual Conference
“Boosting Competitiveness of Central Europe through Degital Economy”
29 September – 1 October 2016
University of Economics in Prague
Keynote speakers and special guests: Sarianna Lundan (AIB Board Representative), Patricia McDougall-Covin (AIB Fellow), Arnold Schuh, Desislava Dikova, Jorma Larimo, Thomas Steger, John Cantwell (AIB Fellow, EIBA), Phillipe Gugler (EIBA), Lucia Piscitello (EIBA)
Conference chair: Josef Taušer

2015 Warsaw, Poland
2nd AIB-CEE Chapter Annual Conference
“International Business and Research in the CEE Region. Why is it worth doing?”
17-19 September 2015
Warsaw School of Economics
Keynote speakers and special guests: Charles Dhanaraj (AIB Board Representative, AIB Fellow), Ilan Alon, Krzysztof Obloj
Conference chair: Mirosław Jarosiński

2014 Budapest, Hungary
1st AIB-CEE Chapter Annual Conference on
“Competitivness of the CEE Region in the Global Economy”
9-11 Octobr 2014
Corvinus University of Budapest
Keynote speakers and special guests: Robert Grosse (AIB Board Representative, AIB Fellow), Marjan Svetlicic, Krzysztof Obloj, Svetla Trifonova Marinova, Marin A. Marinov, Arnold Schuh, Desislava Dikova, Thomas Steger, Jorma Larimo
Conference chair: Erzsébet Czakó

Chapter Seminars:

2015 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2nd AIB-CEE Chapter Seminar on
“Recognising the changing character of the CEE region: towards an updated agenda of IB research and teaching”
9-10 January 2015
University of Ljubljana

2014 Poznan, Poland
1st AIB-CEE Chapter Seminar on
“Challenges for International Business and Teaching in the CEE Region – Towards an Integrative Perspective”
24 January 2014
Poznań University of Economics and Business